Best Shisha Cafes Of Rome

Best Shisha Cafes Of Rome

Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world, with beautiful architecture and a real love for the finer things in life. One of the latest recreations, shisha, can also be found in Italy’s capital. For those who aren’t aware, shisha (hookah) is flavoured tobacco, typically filtered through water using an extravagant pipe. This tobacco is mixed with charcoal and other additives to give it a unique taste and flavour. The range of such flavours is almost limitless and many of the top shisha cafes around the globe will have their own special blend.

Sciam is perhaps the most renowned hookah lounge in Rome

Sciam is quite a famous shisha café and it is regularly frequented by a mixture of clientele. The décor resembles something from the Middle East, with Persian tapestries on every wall and exotic ornaments surrounding the entire premises. There is a constant supply of sensual music, which perfectly complements the food and shisha flavours. Tea is usually the drink of choice at Sciam, mainly because they don’t serve alcohol. This is a chilled out café where people can go to socialise and relax while they smoke their hookah.

Maranega is a bit different to Sciam but it’s still an amazing shisha bar

One of the biggest differences between Maranega and Sciam is that they serve alcohol. Although during the day Maranega is just a regular restaurant, at night it transforms into a cocktail bar and hookah lounge. Many have praised the quality of food on offer here, but lots of people go for the ambient vibe and relaxed atmosphere. There’s also an outside area that is always heated so one can relax outdoors at any time of the year.

Shisha e Kebab is another popular lounge in Rome

Arguably one of the most relaxed hookah lounges in all of Italy. From the outside it just looks like a regular kebab shop, but upon entering there are stairs leading down into a chilled and welcoming shisha area. Pillows cover the floor so people can get comfortable with ease and there is always some soothing music playing. There isn’t any alcohol available but it has a nice selection of teas, and the shisha is always in plentiful supply.

The number of shisha bars in Rome is regularly increasing

These are just three of Rome’s most popular hookah cafes, but there are many more. Due to shisha’s popularity, new and exciting hookah lounges are opening all over. One of the main reasons why people are choosing hookah lounges over conventional bars is because there is no incentive to drink alcohol. Normally when going out on the town to socialise it means drinking too much and doing some regrettable things, but this isn’t the case with shisha. People can interact and have fun in any hookah lounge with ease. Of course, there are also electronic hookah sticks that are proving a huge hit with shisha fans too. These are perfect when a shisha café isn’t close by, and since they don’t contain real tobacco they can be used almost anywhere.

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