Chasing After Phileas Fogg

Chasing After Phileas Fogg

With over 200 recognised countries in the world, this leaves the adventurous traveller a world of places to visit. The internet has changed our travelling scope completely in that it is now easy to find out about different destinations and then find and book the cheapest flights and accommodation online.

If you are lucky enough to be able to take the time out for an around the world trip, which route should you take? There are the shorter routes such as starting in London, then making your way over Asia, maybe taking in the Taj Mahal or other Indian delights on the way.

Then heading off for Thailand and on through to Hong Kong, a perfect half way mark to spend a few days in this vibrant and buzzing city. Then across the water to America, maybe stopping off at California on the West Coast or New York on the East Coast before hopping back across the water to the UK.

Or if you have more time and money maybe head farther South and take in South America or Australasia on route too.

It all sounds so simple on paper, but in fact there is a huge range of combinations that you can choose from and you can get some great flight deals on the internet making a round the world trip a real possibility.

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