6 Things You Should Know About Moving To Queensland

6 Things You Should Know About Moving To Queensland

When thinking of moving to Australia it is worth weighing up the pros and cons with the knowledge you have available.

We’ve been living here for 5 years and have found overall, an improved quality of life. However, there have been one or two surprises along the way….here are our top 6.

1. Queensland Healthcare Crisis – medical staff are sought after for a reason! Whilst we haven’t experienced major problems ourselves we were left a little vulnerable with minimal community support after our first child – lucky we didn’t have any problems! There is concern over medical staff and carer shortages here for locals and immigrants alike. There are no guarantees even with private healthcare that you will get the quality of care you need or that you won’t have to wait. Depending on the area you live in – the state hospital maybe the better service provider. Your Doctor is a good resource as they often service both the private and public sector

2. It’s Getting More Expensive to Live Here. Calculate the Cost Both Finance and Quality of Life.

3. Lifestyle Factors – You’ll hear all the great stuff about Queensland ‘the lifestyle state’ – the big outdoors, beaches, sports, tropical rainforests etc…and then when you get here you’ll discover the local problems of drugs/alcohol/obesity/skin cancer…. Plan your own lifestyle and live your own way

4. You’re Not From Around Here – A big frustration! however, as with anywhere you go new, coming in as an outsider means some locals meet and greet, some don’t. Some people’s friendship lists are full and are clicky, some aren’t. Some employers get excited about your overseas experience, others ask what you know about the local market or have no idea of your value and worth. Get Networking, Get Known, Move on until you find your niche

5. Shift from Casual friends to Close Friends – Getting settled tends to mean not only finding good satisfying work and a home base but also a good solid network of people you can rely and be understood by/really relate to. It Takes Time & Effort

6. Integration – There are many stages and phases from the initial honeymoon feeling of being on holiday to the ‘we live here’ -with a journey of discovery, experience and confidence in the State & Country, in between. Keep a Sense of Humour

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