Fancy a Working Holiday in Australia

Fancy a Working Holiday in Australia?

Seeking an adventure….a wish to experience a different county… This is often the first step to a new place to call home! It is roughly ten years since I first ventured to Australia on a working holiday visa and like many, caught the migrate to Australia bug. Working Holiday Visas which are the simplest of the simplest DIY online visas to apply for. A WHV is a first step, for sure, but you have to be under 30 to do it. General Skilled Migration visas (most of them) have an upper age limit for application of 45. Australia is a Major Working Holiday Destination.

The working holiday visa is frequently the first step to becoming hooked on the land down under.

Legislation changes twice a year in Australia and the latest is that it is possible to stay for two years and the visa also now allows you to work for 6 months with one employer rather than three.

Australian employers are realizing the change in the working holiday visa changes the commitment levels of overseas travellers, and are taking time to train and include temporary staff- no-doubt a great contributor to attachment.

If after working in a great environment for 6 months, your question to an employer could well be: How can I stay on? At this point there is a need to seek advice relating to the possible pathways to migration.

In the case of looking at immigration options, advice is as essential as services.

When looking at short and long term plans, there are steps that can be taken in the short term that help you work toward the long term option of a skilled migration visa, for example.

Starting with the end goal in mind is an essential part of the pathway to realising your dreams etc.

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